University Internship FNSIP

Pasantia Embajada

The Embassy of the United States in Panama invites university students to participate in the program “Foreign National Student Internship Program” – F.N.S.I.P. (Professional Practice Program for Foreign Residents and National Students). This program is exclusively focused on the university student who wants to do professional internships at the United States Embassy in Panama. The student of the FNSIP when doing his practice in a diplomatic seat will gain valuable experience as he will be better able to acquire knowledge of how to operate within a diplomatic environment. The student will be able to gain experience in different sections in the embassy for a definite time -no longer than six months-.


  • Be a Panamanian or foreign, non-US citizen, with legal residence in Panama.
  • Submit letter with permission from the university to practice. 
  • Submit resume and police record.
  • Submit proof of hospital-university insurance policy.
  • Submit a copy of the cedula or passport.
  • Submit your birth certificate.
  • Submit 2 requests from the program coordinator at the Embassy.

How To Apply

If you would like to participate in this program or need more information, please contact Ms. Araliz Veliz at 317-5403 or email