U.S. Embassy Supports Panama’s National Border Service in Humanitarian Aid Tour

Panama’s National Border Service (Senafront) and the Ministry of Health (Minsa) carry out a three-day humanitarian aid tour in the community of Puerto Obaldia, in the Guna Yala indigenous reservation.

U.S. military personnel, via its diplomatic mission in Panama, provide transportation and logistics support to transport food and medicines to this remote location.

Over 50 Senafront officers, including medics, paramedics, and the Citizens’ Safety Unit, take part in this humanitarian aid tour.

The goal of the tour is to improve living conditions for the Puerto Obaldia population, while encouraging a greater level of trust in Senafront.

During the tour, Senafront will be handing meals, giving medical attention, and carrying out leisure activities with the community.

Senafront values support from the U.S. Embassy in Panama on this humanitarian mission and iterates its commitment to the well-being of the Puerto Obaldia community.