U.S. Embassy Panama Launches ‘Reach For Gold!’ Graphic Design Contest To Raise Awareness During World Intellectual Property Day

Panama, April 26, 2019. On World Intellectual Property Day, the U.S. Embassy in Panama launches the graphic design contest ‘Reach For Gold!’ to raise awareness on intellectual property rights in sports.

World Intellectual Property Day 2019 underscores the economic value of sports through intellectual property (IP) rights, with the use of patents and designs to create new sports technologies and equipment to improve athletes’ performance and fans’ engagement. These rights further encompass the protection of trademarks, branding and broadcasting.

‘Reach For Gold!’ invites graphic designers, students, and creative people living in Panama to encourage creative minds to design a billboard on the importance of protecting innovation and intellectual rights in sports. Participants should fill out the online form https://tinyurl.com/PIPanama., and attach their design. Applications reception will close on May 17, 2019. The winner will receive an iPad and his or her design will be displayed in a public space and on digital media.

Additionally, U.S. Embassy Panama celebrates World IP Day with a forum and sports day at MVP Sports Center, with soccer, basketball and softball competitions between our diplomatic mission and Panamanian public institutions such as the Ministry of Commerce, National Police, National Border Service and Customs Authority.

April 26 marks the anniversary of the entry into force of the convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization.

For information on the rules and application visit these link.