Required Documents

Please mail the following documents via DHL only:

  • Your most recent U.S. passport;
  • One U.S. passport sized (2x2inch) photograph – see Step 2 for photograph requirementsPhotos which do not meet the requirements will be rejected;
  • If you have changed your name since your previous U.S. passport was issued, you will be required to furnish evidence of your name change, such as marriage certificate, Change of Name Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration and court order;
  • Local Banker’s Cashier Check
  • Form DS-82.Complete the form online, print and sign it.  Please DO NOT mail the form to the United States.

Block #9 of Form DS-82:  List all other names you have used. (Examples: Birth Name, Maiden, Previous Marriage, Legal Name Change. Attach additional pages if needed)

Address:  Please read the information below regarding address in Form DS-82:

Block #8 of Form DS-82: Please write a local/Panamanian (known as Street address)

Block #18 of Form DS-82: Please write a permanent address in Block #18, or note “Same as #8” if this is your case.