The United States Federal Administration of Aviation (FAA) and the Central American Air Navigation Services Corporation sign a memorandum of agreement

The executive president of COCESNA, Juan Carlos Trabanino Aguirre, and the director of the Western Hemisphere Office of the FAA, Christopher Barks, signed an air navigation agreement.

Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States and the Central American Air Navigation Services Corporation (COCESNA) signed a memorandum of understanding to develop programs for joint air navigation services.

This agreement will drive air navigation services in the central American region under strict standards of security and efficiency in an alliance with U.S. aviation authorities in order to optimize air traffic control.

Similarly, the agreements establish joint programs between FAA and COCESNA in communications, air surveillance, exchange of aeronautical information, exchange of operative data for air traffic control, development of infrastructure to improve air navigation, alert services, rescues, and management of airspace and air traffic.

 “The signing of this agreement evidences the commitment of U.S. and Central American governments in establishing parameters of secure air transportation, to the benefit of the United States and Central American citizens,” said Christopher Barks, FAA Regional Director for the Americas and Caribbean.