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Office of Workers’ Compensation Program
February 2, 2019

Below, please find a list of some of the services we provide for the OWCP

  • Claims for non-receipt of compensation payments
  • Change of address for correspondence
  • Application for compensation/benefits due to recurrence
  • Request for medical evaluations and report
  • Request for authorization of medical supplies
  • Request for authorization for surgeries, physical therapies, and special exams
  • Completion of the annual questionnaire for claimants, widow(er) or dependent child(ren)
  • Request for reimbursement of transportation
  • Authorization to obtain medications prescribed by the attending physician

Direct Deposit (DD) for Compensation Payments

At this time, Banco General and Banistmo, in coordination with Bank of New York Mellon, are participating in the direct deposit program for beneficiaries of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs.   To enroll, you should go to any branch of Banco General or Banistmo where you will be provided with the DD form.   There is a monthly fee of $6.00 plus applicable taxes.   Your DD should begin within 30 to 90 days after the form is received by the OWCP.

How to contact the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program

Telephone Number: (216) 902-5600

Website: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/owcp/owcpkeyp

Mailing address:
U.S. Department of Labor
DFEC Central Mailroom – District 9
PO Box 8300
London, KY 40742-8300