Medical Mission of the U.S. Army performs ocular surgeries in Veraguas

US Army Medical Mision

A humanitarian mission of medical staff of U.S. Air Force reservists and U.S. Army has been in the province of Veraguas from January 26 until February 10 doing several eye surgeries to 246 pre-selected patients by the Ministry of Health of Panama. 174 people have been operated on so far and 70 are waiting for their surgery, which will take place in the next two days.

The mission doctors work together with Panamanian ophthalmologists to examine patients and determine the necessary surgeries, perform ophthalmic procedures with high technology equipment, as well as offer post-operative follow-up to the patients.

This medical mission is conducted at the Luis ‘Chico’ Fabrega hospital in Santiago, Veraguas.  The patients who benefited from the surgeries mostly come from the Ngäbe Buglé region and central provinces.  They received free cataract surgeries– opacity in the eye lens – and pterygium – cornea tumor.

US Army Medical Mision
Medical Mision