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Miguel Angel Diaz Won The Graphic Design Contest ‘Reach For Gold!’
July 23, 2019

Panama, July 22, 2019. The U. S. Embassy in Panama is pleased to announce Miguel Angel Diaz is the winner of the graphic design contest ‘Reach for Gold!’ an initiative to raise awareness on intellectual property rights in sports.

The contest, aimed at graphic designers, students and creative people in Panama, encourage participants to design a billboard to raise awareness about the importance of celebrating creative minds and protecting innovation in sports.

The winning billboard, designed by Miguel Angel Diaz, is showcase on Balboa Avenue, a high traffic spot in Panama City. The winner also received an iPad as part of the prize.

“The issue was illustrated with a medal, which is not solid gold on the inside, and a pirate holds it, as if knowing he won, but not in a proper way,” said Diaz.

We congratulate Miguel Angel Diaz for his design and for raising awareness in Panama about the importance of protecting intellectual propert,y in order to promote innovation and creativity.