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Holiday Calendar 2022
December 1, 2020

Date Holiday Country
January 10  Martyrs’ Day (Observed – Historic day is Sunday, Jan 9) PA
January 17 Martin Luther King Day US
February 21 Presidents’ Day US
March 1  Shrove (Carnival) Day PA
April 15 Good Friday PA
May 2  Labor Day (Observed – Historic day is Sunday, May 1) PA
May 30 Memorial Day US
June 20 Juneteenth (Observed – Historic day is Sunday, June 19) US
July 4 Independence Day US
September 5 Labor Day US
October 10 Columbus Day US
November 3 Separation Day from Colombia PA
November 5 Colón Day PA
November 10 Los Santos Uprising Day PA
November 11 Veterans Day US
November 24 Thanksgiving Day US
November 28 Independence Day from Spain PA
December 8 Mothers’ Day PA
December 26 Christmas Day (Observed –actual day is Sunday, Dec 25) US & PA