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Assistance and Frequently Asked Questions


Thanks for visiting us. Here you will find our frequently asked questions and receive assistance from the United States Embassy in Panama.

American Citizen Services

American Citizen Services Contact

  • Call +507 317-5000 to reach the American Citizen Services Emergencies.
  • Contact Panama-ACS@state.gov to reach the American Citizen Services for general inquiries. Include the word “Emergency” in the email’s subject if you have an emergency that you can discuss via e-mail.

COVID-19 Information

General Assistance


Federal Benefits Unit

  • For information on cheques and payments from the United States Government, contact: Panama-FBU@state.gov


Consular Section Contact (Our office in charge of all issues related to Visas)

  • Call +507 833-9393 to reach the Consular Section directly.
  • Contact support-panama@ustraveldocs.com or Panama-Visas@state.gov to reach the Consular Section via e-mail. Include the word “Emergency” in the email’s subject if you have an emergency that can be handled via e-mail.

Visa Appointment Service

  • You can request a Tourist Visa interview appointment at ustraveldocs.com/pa.
  • If you have an emergency, first contact the Consular Section to learn if your emergency applies for an Emergency Visa Interview Appointment, if so, apply for an interview appointment at ustraveldocs.com/pa for any available date and then call +507 833-9393 to confirm your emergency appointment.

Tourist Visa Renewals

Student, Work, Fiancée, Spouse Visas and General Information

If you need to apply for a student, work, fiancée or spouse visa interview appointment, you can write to support-panama@ustraveldocs.com or call +507 833-9393 to speak directly with the Consular Section.

Lost or Stolen Visa

  • Contact support-panama@ustraveldocs.com or call +507 833-9393 to report your lost or stolen visa.

Visa Lottery or Green Card

Education, English Language and Grants



Study in the United States

  • If you need advice to study a degree in the United States contact @educationusapty on Instagram.

English Language

  • At the moment we don’t offer English courses for students in general. If you are an English teacher or future English teacher, go to the Regional English Language Office in Panama and stay in contact to participate in events, talks, courses, seminars, workshops and more at: pa.usembassy.gov/relo


Community Projects Coordination

If you request support in the execution of a program, a tour, visit, or look for help for yourself, your family or a group under your supervision, contact: sanjurl@state.gov


Work at the United States Embassy Panama


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following list of frequently asked questions.

Locate someone in the United States

  • The U.S. Embassy is subject to U.S. privacy laws, which prevent us from releasing information about an individual without their explicit written permission. To locate someone in the U.S. please try social media, the internet or yellow pages.

Applying to the Military Service

  • The recruitment of non-U.S. Citizens, in any sector of the United States military, is limited to those foreigners who legally reside in the United States and possess an alien registration card from the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (Form I-151/551- commonly known as “Green Card”). Candidates must be in the age range between 17 and 35, in addition to meeting the mental, moral and physical standards of recruitment; must speak, read and write English fluently. For more information: www.army.mil/faq/

Report Fraud or Illegal Activity

Agricultural Affairs Section

Commercial Service

  • Learn about the Commercial Service and how to do business as a Panamanian in the United States or as an American in Panama: www.trade.gov/panama