Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Officer, Elizabeth Meza, heads the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Mission in Panama.  PAS coordinates relations with national and international media, as well as cultural relations between Panama and the United States.  PAS advises the Mission on issues of public diplomacy and informs the Panamanian public about U.S. society, culture and values.  It coordinates with other sections of the Embassy and works closely with the Government of Panama to strengthen bilateral relations.

PAS promotes and advocates U.S. policy, focusing on the areas of international law enforcement cooperation including counter-narcotics strategies, democracy and human rights, sustainable and equitable economic growth, and free trade.  PAS also coordinates a wide range of bilateral programs on these and other topics, bringing U.S. lecturers, organizing Digital Videoconferences, supporting conferences and educational and cultural exchanges.  PAS works in coordination with the Bureau of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs of the Department of State in Washington, D.C.  We offer small grants to local non-profit organizations whose mission and programs help further our public diplomacy goals.

Press Office

Under the direction of the Information Officer, Tabatha Fairclough, the Press Office works with local and foreign media informing them of U.S. Government policies and explaining bilateral issues. The Press Office provides a variety of information services including distribution of press releases, policy papers and speeches, publication of articles and thematic bulletins, edition of the Embassy web site, organization of press conferences and coordination of ambassadorial interviews, among other activities.  On the occasion of visits by high level U.S. officials, the Press Office organizes press conferences and interviews and provides support for international press accompanying official delegations.  The Information Office promotes the use of technology and digital journalism and manages the official U.S. Embassy social media platforms.

Cultural Office

Under the Cultural Officer, Colin Machado, the Cultural Office is responsible for promoting cultural and educational ties between the United States and Panama.  The Cultural Office works closely with Panamanian institutions organizing U.S. speaker, music, sports, film and other cultural presentations by private Americans and/or U.S. government officials.  Activities under the Cultural Office’s purview include coordination of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, International Visitors Leadership Program, and other educational and academic exchange programs offering both Panamanian and U.S. counterparts the opportunity to exchange experiences in a variety of subjects of mutual interest.

Contact the Public Affairs Section

Embassy phone number: (507) 317-5000