Study in the U.S.

EducationUSA is a center that offers the local community educational counseling, promotes higher education in the United States, and access to a special collection of reference resource materials on higher education in the United States.

Services offered by EducationUSA:

  • Counseling in the selection of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the United States, along with intensive English language programs
  • Information about scholarships and financial aid available for Panamanians and international students seeking to study in the United States
  • Academic translations (grades, grade and/or degree certificates, etc.)
  • Counseling and guidance before departure to the USA
  • Events discussing how to apply to universities in the USA
  • Information about international entrance exams (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, USMLE, SAT, etc.)
  • Information center with specialized academic books
  • Internet access

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