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Welcome to our Business site! The United States and Panama boast one of the largest trade relationships in the world. Panama’s friendly corporate tax system, close geographic location and common culture of democratic principles make Panama an excellent investment opportunity for American companies looking to expand their business profile. Please explore our business pages and find out how we can help U.S. companies export to the Panamanian market, and Panamanian companies grow their business in the U.S. and beyond, by connecting them with our colleagues around the world.

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Commercial Service Panama Team:

  • Timothy Cannon, Senior Commercial Officer: Timothy.Cannon@trade.gov or 011-507-317-5388.
  • Jeane Zuniga, Commercial Specialist: Jeane.Zuniga@trade.gov or 011-507-317-5392.
    Industry Sectors: Aerospace and Defense, Education and Training Services, Energy, Environmental Technologies, Marine Technology, Design and Construction, Business and Professional, Financial Services.
  • Diana Lozano, Commercial Specialist: Diana.Lozano@trade.gov or 011-507-317-5242.
    Industry Sectors: Food and Beverages, Travel and Tourism, Supply Chain Services, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Retail Trade, Wholesale Trade, Mining.
  • Kenneth Delvalle, Commercial Assistant: Kenneth.Delvalle@trade.gov or 011-507-317-5080.
    Industry Sectors: Automotive and Smart Mobility, ICT and Digital Economy, Safety and Security, Equipment and Machinery, Public Sector, SelectUSA, Agribusiness.
  • Fabiana Ortega, Commercial Assistant: Fabiana.Ortega@trade.gov or 011-507-317-5296.
    Industry Sectors: Industrial Materials, Consumer Goods, Franchising, Media and Entertainment, Non-Profit and Associations, Textile, Apparel and Sporting Goods; Healthcare.

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