U.S. Government Acknowledges Panamanian Security Agencies Milestone in Biometric Registries

Ceremonia de reconocimiento a estamenos de seguridad panameños por hito con BITMAP.

Panama City, 20 July 2017.- A protocol ceremony in acknowledgement of Panamanian Security agencies (Security Council, Ministry of Security, National Migration Service, National Border Service, National Air and Sea Service, and National Police) took place this morning at the United States Embassy in Panama headquarters. The purpose of the ceremony was to acknowledge Panama’s 20,000 registries in the U.S.-Panama shared biometric database.

Gathering and exchanging information of potentially dangerous individuals is one of the bases of the U.S.-Panama security cooperation. Information exchange benefits both countries and allows them to keep their citizens safe from individuals who may pose a threat to collective security.

“Panama’s handling of the BITMAP [Biometric Identification Transnational Migration Alert Program] program is a model for the whole world,” said U.S. Ambassador to Panama John D. Feeley during the ceremony. “Today we celebrate the notion of ‘community,’ which is what happens when a group of engaged people work hand by hand and, together, make their communities safer,”  Ambassador Feeley added.

A high level security delegation of the Panamanian Government attended the event, including the director of the Panamanian Security Council Rolando Lopez, Minister of Security Alexis Bethancourt, National Border Services Director Christian Hayer, National Air and Sea Services Director Belsio Gonzalez, National Migration Service Director Javier Carrillo, and National Police Director Omar Pinzon.

Following up the bilateral security agenda outlined by Presidents Donald J. Trump and Juan Carlos Varela during their 19 June meeting in Washington, the U.S. Embassy in Panama celebrates this milestone achieved by Panamanian security forces and reaffirms its commitment to keep on developing effective cooperation security strategies and law enforcement capabilities for the benefit of Panama and United States.

Department of Homeland Security’s Website: (DHS)